Film of the Day (10/17/18): Everybody Wants Some!!


Written By Richard Linklater
Directed By Richard Linklater

Sometimes you just need to cut loose, have some fun and smile. That’s just as true with movie choices as it is for real life, and after watching so much heavy stuff lately, this was the perfect choice for today. I’ve always been a fan of Linklater’s work, and a big part of that is his ability for honest dialogue. Every character in this movie, even the slightly more eccentric ones, feel one hundred percent natural to the environment they inhabit. They are a bunch of collegiate baseball players just looking for sex, drugs and rock and roll, and don’t pretend to be anything different. But it doesn’t feel like a cheap story. Linklater has made something fun and vibrant out of something most of us can relate to, outside of the baseball player part. In an unofficial capacity, it could kind of serve as a sequel to his 1993 hit Dazed and Confused. It all takes place over one weekend before the first day of classes, and the cast takes in as much partying as they can handle before that fateful morning. And what happens when Jake, the main character, settles in for his first lecture? He falls asleep immediately with a smile plastered across his face, already exhausted by the new possibilities of college life. There isn’t much story to be had, nor character development to be seen, but neither are essential to this kind of film. It just exists, and that’s all it asks us to do.

Film of the Day


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