Venom – Review Haiku


After a spacecraft crash, The Life Foundation hunts down a missing alien symbiote and its new host, Eddie Brock.


Typical Flaws but;
Solid Score. Unique Acting;
Make This Movie Fun.




There has been a lot of heat thrown the way of Venom. You will see Rotten Tomatoes scores, sitting next to scores from A Star is Born. You will see people comparing Venom to movies you do not care for one bit. This is all perfectly acceptable, as Venom is not on the level of Logan or The Dark Knight. This movie is not meant to be viewed in the same way. Sure, there are Oscar-caliber talent involved (Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams), but Venom is nothing even close to being looked at by the Academy. Manage these expectations and Venom should not disappoint you.

The story takes a bit of time getting to the fun part, which is my major complaint with the movie. Seeing how this movie dives into almost every typical comic book movie flaw, you should not be surprised (or consider this a spoiler) that the movie ends and perfectly sets us up for a sequel…and not only that, but a sequel that most people were hoping would have been the first one. This surely is not the first time that has happened.

The score and sound were very impressive. I was surprised that these stood out to me, as many comic book movies will treat them as a throwaway. The score kept me engaged and perfectly captured the mood of the movie. This small, yet important detail should not be overlooked.

Tom Hardy continues to show audiences why he is one of the most talented actors in the world. His choices are constantly interesting and unique. He uses facial expressions in conjunction with body language that convey more than most can with their words. This is all present, here in Venom. There is some dark comedy between the symbiote and Eddie Brock that makes me believe that Tom Hardy elevated this movie from being another below-average comic book movie to being a fun, accessible, worth-while ride.

You may see the Grade given, also think about the other reviews you have seen/read, then decide not to see this movie, or decide to wait for the home release. I would recommend people to see this movie in the theater, if you’re a comic book fan of any sort. There will be a plethora of overly serious, intense, dramatic movies releasing in the coming months…do yourself a favor and  have rip-roaring good time at the movies.

Have you seen Venom? Was it as horrible as many of the reviews are making it out to be? Drop a comment below and head over to our Facebook Group for much more discussion!

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    • Totally! My expectations were certainly in check, mostly because of all the negative buzz the movie was getting, but WOW, I was surprised how much I liked it.

      The stuff with Venom/Eddie was so great! The humor was perfect for me.

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  1. I didn’t like the character eddie brock because someone who is a investigative reporter he wasn’t very articulate with Drake or his lawyer girlfriend Anne. The Interview with Drake was the worse it seemed too rushed to get to the dead bodies and not having a source for his boss, it was inexcusable even for a junior reporter.

    For someone who is a “investigative reporter” of a major city, he seemed at times confused, weak, inarticulate, and a pushover.

    What is the deal with the names “Venom, Riot, and Carnage?” It sounds like names of metal bands from the 1990’s.

    So what is it? Drake’s Team found the symbiote on a passing comet and these two individuals, from how many other symbiotes “Riot and Venom’ knew each other? Towards the end of the movie the comet becomes a planet why the changing back story?

    1. Why was “Riot and Venom” on the comet?
    2. How did they get on the comet?
    3. Venom almost instantly felt an attraction for Earth, but not Riot.
    4. In San Francisco Eddie found an apartment near by his old place without a job?
    5. A car chase in San Francisco, now that is fantasy.
    6. Riot flew from Malaysia to San Francisco with no passport (Identification), no money and no prior knowledge of international travel , the best part didn’t “Riot’ didn’t eat anyone during the 20 hour flight.

    I don’t think it was necessary to use film time to explain the crash other start the movie from the laboratory with the four samples. The whole backstory wasn’t necessary other than the symbiotes needed a human host and their personalities would develop from their hosts.

    The Car Chase scene was also not needed but “Venom” being a spiderman clone there should have been more of chase with drones and Venom swinging between buildings, they could have avoided the traffic thing altogether.

    I paid 5 dollars for the movie, so I have that going for me at least.

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  2. I don’t think Eddie was a pushover. He acted like he was, to his boss, and then did what he was going to do, regardless.

    I like the names. They’re better than: Iron Man. Ant Man. Spider Man. etc.

    3. Venom took quite a while, falling for Earth. I thought that part was decently developed, actually.

    There were definitely flaws. I found some enjoyment in it, I’m sorry you did not!

    Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Jerome I am sorry, but when you say flaws, these flaws really kill the story.
    The fact that “Riot” fully controlled 4 people in order to travel to see Drake meaning the Symbiotes can control its hosts 100%, since this is the case, there is no reason for the hosts personality to exist.
    The Symbiotes can also heal major bodily damage to its host as example of Eddie in the motorcycle crash breaking both legs so its hosts can live for a long time given enough “raw protein’ but later Venom developed a taste for “tater tots” and chocolate. (Why?)
    At Drake’s Life science campus, no security cameras, a highly secured facilities, but no security cameras, when visiting a guard shack the driver only needs id, not the the passengers?
    I would have brought this up with my friend whose this was a birthday present, but he enjoyed it, but this movie really insults the viewers, other than some cute dialog and overuse of CGI.
    The best part of the movie is when Drake is talking to the girl about asking questions, but avoids her question all together but giving her a pin, this is best remember at least.
    Thanks for responding

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    • I want to say I saw an article citing the director about a reasoning for the tater tots and chocolate…I forget if I even read it, now.

      If you’re viewing the movie with an uber critical eye, you probably won’t enjoy it. If you’re looking to disect an art piece, you’ll have a whole lot to disect. I think going into this viewing knowing there will be obvious flaws allowed me to enjoy the certain aspects of it that I did, as opposed to getting hung up on those things.

      I saw this with my little brother who was super excited for it. I am normally much more critical than him. He was heavily disappointed and I enjoyed it. I believe it’s because of expectations.

      You thought there was too much CGI? That thought never hit me… and it is normally an aspect I dislike (Infinity War lost major points, not for the amount of CGI, but quality of). Maybe that’s our difference…I look more at the quality than the quantity..?

      That’s kind of you to not rain on his parade. I am too honest of a friend haha.

      Of course! I love chatting movies!


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