Trailer Tuesday: September 25th







Will Barry Jenkins direct two Best Picture winners in a row? It sure looks that way.






I wish this was more “Whiplash-ish”. First Man looks poised to win in at least one category at the Oscars. Will Ryan Gosling finally win his Best Actor award?


I have always loved the book and the animated special released in 1966 (the movie with Jim Carrey was never my favorite). Illumination, at the very least, makes movies that are enjoyable to look at. I am not looking forward to cold weather, but I am looking forward to this.

This might be one to skip in the theater…



If you’re looking for a good Halloween movie this year for the kids, here you have it.

Joaquin Phoenix is at the peak of his acting prowess. Right now he is doing some of the best acting anyone has ever seen. The Sisters Brothers could be his 4th award worthy performance of this year alone! (Whoever cut this trailer should be proud.)




I am pleasantly surprised with how good this movie looks. Let’s not do the award talk for this one, but it looks enjoyable!





I am not sure how much this is actually saying, but this looks better than the rest of the Transformers movies.

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