Film of the Day (09/14/18): Mud


Written By Jeff Nichols
Directed By Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols is quickly becoming one of my favorite writer/directors, as he seems to be a master of taking simple concepts and turning them into nearly perfect films. This is another southern tale, and one hell of a slice of life that blends deep themes with the perfect blend of character and setting. He has a complete understanding of his characters and it makes the script admirable in a lot of ways, as it seems like the kind of writing you will appreciate more and more upon subsequent viewings. Sometimes it is a romance, sometimes it is a crime story, and sometimes it is a coming of age tale disguised as anything but. Like his other works, there is a gradual build to the tension before the climax, but this time around the sheer charm keeps it at bay, causing that climax to feel more suprising than it should. McConaughey does a fantastic job and has wonderful chemistry with Tye Sheridan. The themes of heartbreak, belief, the bond of family and the importance of helping others ring loud and true, a reflection of Nichols’ knack for authenticity. This was a knockout!

Film of the Day

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