Haiku Review: Juliet, Naked

Written by Evgenia Peretz and Jim Taylor and Tamara Jenkins
Directed by Jesse Peretz

An English woman begins an email dialogue with an aged American rock figure, whom her boyfriend happens to be obsessed with.


Perfectly Matched Leads;
Familiar, Yet Feels Fresh;
Sure To Resonate.

Watch in Theater Immediately
**Pickup at Redbox Upon Release**

Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time


There is an undeniable amount of charm on display here, and even as you start to figure out where the story is going, you’ll be too busy smiling to care. Hawke and Byrne are so good together it will make you wonder why this is the first time they’ve been paired. I think this is the kind of romantic comedy that will resonate with most of the people who watch it, because there is a relatability to almost every character, be it their circumstances, decision making or personality traits. It is about two people feeling lost in middle age, finding their paths with each other’s help. And yes, the plot device that brings them together may be a bit heavy on coincidence and cause a few eyes to roll, but I found it easy to overlook. This is a sweet, funny, well-written movie with some great performances (O’Dowd owns his role as well) that makes for a great, low-key date movie. Mainstream audiences are going to flock more to Crazy Rich Asians, but this one should not be ignored!

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