Film of the Day (08/23/18): Mom and Dad

Written By Brian Taylor
Directed By Brian Taylor

If you’ve never seen either of the Crank movies, you’re missing out. They take everything you love about an over-the-top action movie and turn the volume up to eleven…thousand. Here, Brian Taylor applies his same formula to a horror-themed black comedy, and the results are good fun with bad intentions. Finally, a movie that calls for exactly what Nicolas Cage is so good at: being batshit insane and hamming it up at every turn! Taylor also applies the same visual flair, editing style and fast-paced electronic score to amp up the intensity. It’s not even 90 minutes long and barely remembers to take a breath, but it’s perfect for what it is. Somehow (it’s never explained because it doesn’t matter), an attack instigated by static signals on TV screens reverses parents innate instincts to protect their children, and turns them into infanticide-seeking, homicidal maniacs. It’s zany, gory, and pretty damn funny the whole way through. A conversation between mom and dad about how their son got ahold of dad’s locked handgun and who is at fault, while they are actively trying to murder them, is so tongue-in-cheek it almost hurts. Having kids is impossibly difficult. There are days as a parent you find yourself muttering “Sometimes I just want to…” and this film is here to finish your sentence.

Film of the Day

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