Film of the Day (08/09/18): The Interview


Written By Dan Sterling
Directed By Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen

So…that’s what all the fuss was about four years ago? Man, people need to lighten up and take a joke. It’s satire, and as such, should provoke people, which it obviously succeeded in doing, but it’s not meant to be taken as seriously as it was. It’s far from Rogen and Franco’s best work together, but it is damn funny, and works as a mockery of both propped-up dictators and the media at large, as well as the people that swallow whatever they are told on TV (whether it comes from state-sponsored sources or not). It’s hard to say whether all the controversy surrounding the release, from North Korea’s response to the Sony hacking and cancellation of the wide theatrical release truly hurt the film or not, because that firestorm only made people want to see it even more. Yes, there are some jokes that are hit too hard too often, but when you have two leads this likable together, it’s easy to forgive the misses and praise the hits. Plus, you have to enjoy the fact that a movie made about a guy who censors the information in his country got censored here. How interesting that a goofy little satire about another country (with an awesome tank-and-helicopter-fueled climax, by the way) could reveal some dark truths about our own?

Film of the Day


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