Haiku Review: Christopher Robin

Story by Greg Brooker & Mark Steven Johnson
Screenplay by Alex Ross Perry, Tom McCarthy & Allison Schroeder
Directed by Marc Forster

Christopher Robin attempts to wrangle a problem at work with the unexpected help from his childhood friends.

A Couple Issues;
With Tons of Heart and Humor;
Great for All Ages.

**Watch in Theater Immediately**
Pickup at Redbox Upon Release
Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time

My initial reactions to this movie were overwhelmingly positive, but I want to get a couple things out of the way up front. There were certainly a couple story issues. I can only imagine this is partially the reason for the sheer amount of writing/story credits given. I also thought the colors were a little too dull. It doesn’t need to be a cartoon, but let’s not use so many grays in an already somber film. If you can overlook these, you are going to have a very enjoyable experience. This movie is for everyone: parents, children, grandparents…even great grandparents would get a kick out of this! If you are a Pooh fan, you’ve probably already seen this, but you surely should. All of the characters are spot on to what you’ve come to know and love. This movie does tend to get a bit sad at times, but it is very touching and charming. I cannot recommend this movie enough. Take your kids, take your parents…see this movie.

Do you want to see, or have you already seen Christopher Robin? If so, what did you think? Drop a comment below and scurry on over to our Facebook Community for more discussion!

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