Film of the Day (08/06/18): Locke


Written By Steven Knight
Directed By Steven Knight

Question: How exciting can a movie that consists entirely of Tom Hardy driving and talking on the phone really be? Answer: Very much so, apparently. This is an idea that doesn’t seem like it should work, but it certainly does. When a successful construction manager gets a phone call that shakes his very foundation (no pun intended), he has to do what he thinks is right, and will attempt to manage the freefall his life has found itself in while on the road, barreling straight towards the source of all his newfound anguish. He has made a major, life-shattering mistake, but refuses to hide from it, insisting on being the kind of man that his kids can be proud of, as opposed to the example that was set for him by his own father. Tom Hardy is absolutely brilliant here, using only his face and hands in a commanding, claustrophobic performance. It’s remarkable work, and given that I have no sympathy for cheaters, it’s amazing that he was able to win me over to his side, despite his colossal mistake. Not that I would excuse it, but as he checked item after item off his list and fixed all the problems he was causing, I kept hoping that the most important one, his marriage, would have the same fate. This is an excellent film, a breeze to get through, and I highly recommend it.

Currently available on Netflix.

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