Film of the Day (07/31/18): About Time


Written By Richard Curtis
Directed By Richard Curtis

If you somehow found yourself with the power to travel back in time to any point in your own life to try and perfect it, would  you? While I can say with certainty that I would, I understand why others may not jump at the chance, choosing to take life as it comes, decision by decision, living with those consequences forever. That level of power would be a lot of responsibility and would be scary, no doubt, but the chance to correct mistakes, stop arguments or completely alter your future for the better (hopefully) would be worth the risk, I would think. There is a lot to think about here, wrapped up in a feel-good love story with two incredibly likable leads with great chemistry between them. I’m a sucker for Curtis’ Love, Actually, so I wasn’t at all shocked at how much I enjoyed this and how hard it made me smile. As with that movie (a Christmas Eve tradition for my wife and I), this one has a ton of heart and relatability, despite it’s science fiction-y premise. And sure, we could debate and pick apart the mechanics of time travel here, but if we are willing to accept it as a premise to the rest of the story, what’s the point in that? It follows its own set of rules, so it can exist within those parameters nicely. This is just an extremely pleasant movie, as Curtis is known for, and I loved it.

Film of the Day


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