Film of the Day (07/24/18): The Visit


Written By M. Night Shyamalan
Directed By M. Night Shyamalan

Well that was creepy. Found footage horror is definitely not my genre, so I may not be in as good a position to judge this as others, but now I get why the whispers that “Shyamalan is back” started to surface after this was released. After such a string of disappointments that came after a years-long hot start as a director, it was good to see him deliver a movie that could deliver the chills, without needing gore or an R rating to achieve success. The thread of tension remains throughout, especially as title cards count the days of the kids’ week long trip to their grandparents house. But there is a balance, as Shyamalan manages to insert enough humor to release some of the mounting pressure. It’s grounded in reality, which is nice for a horror film, and feels like it could happen to anyone (which doesn’t bode well for grandparents around the world). I liked the final sentiment about not holding onto anger, as you never know when you will lose the chance for redemption and forgiveness, because it helped reinforce that there was more at stake beyond the fight for survival, and helped bring the story full circle. It’s a solid movie, and one that M. Night needed at this point in his career.

Film of the Day


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