Film of the Day (07/23/18): The Producers

Written By Mel Brooks
Directed By Mel Brooks

Apparently today was the day of directorial debuts, for me. This one may not rate quite as high as a few of Mel’s other classics, but it’s really, really funny. It works as both a satire of shady Hollywood and slapstick schlock of the lowest (highest?) order. It’s a great “what else could possibly go wrong” story whose runtime zips by in a flash, powered by the frantic, zany performances of the two leads. Yes, it is goofy and lowbrow, but that never stopped me from laughing. Bialystock and Bloom wanted to make something that would be so bad it would be forgotten overnight…so it’s too bad I will be humming the tune of “Springtime for Hitler” in the coming weeks. Come to think of it, that’s probably bad for several reasons…

Film of the Day

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