Haiku Review: The Equalizer 2

Written by Richard Wenk
Directed by Antoine Fuqua

Robert McCall is still doing his part to right various wrongs when someone he loves is affected, making things too personal to ignore.


Flaws Outweigh The Strengths;
Script Does The Film No Favors;
Should Have Been Better.

Watch in Theater Immediately
**Pickup at Redbox Upon Release**

Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time


Far from a modern classic, the first installment in the franchise gave audiences a vigilante movie with brutal violence, a beloved lead actor and a director that not only had history with him, but also a certain visual flair that made for a solid and memorable movie. Yet somehow, this time around, the team can’t create that same magic and it comes off as an exercise in sequel cash-grabbery. The script has flimsy characters and motives, one huge trope you will see coming a mile away, and is generally plodding for the most part. Fuqua stages two very cool scenes that will wake you up, including a great climactic set piece in an evacuated coastal town during a hurricane, but that’s not enough to salvage the whole experience. There are a few side characters and plot threads, one of which works much better than others, which drags the runtime a bit. With Denzel’s presence, I suspect it is a movie that the average viewer will appreciate, but it doesn’t need to be seen in the theater. If I were able judge it by its bookends, it would be rated higher, but the middle portion drags it down.  I was hoping for more of the nameless justice dispensed in the original, as opposed to the personal angle this time around, and while I can understand taking it in a new direction, that is part of what made it feel like an unnecessary sequel.

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