Film of the Day (07/06/18): The Blues Brothers


Written By Dan Aykroyd and John Landis
Directed By John Landis

Oh my God, if only all of the movies made by SNL alums could be this good. What a riot this was! I watched the extended director’s cut and while it did occasionally feel long (I was surprised that the band wasn’t fully formed until over an hour into the film), I thought it kept things fresh enough throughout for a very entertaining ride. I especially loved the running gag of the mystery woman (later revealed to be Jake’s former fiance whom he left at the altar) always trying to kill them with obscenely large weapons and the brothers always living and shrugging off the attacks. Those scenes had me rolling! During the climactic car chase, one could make a raucous drinking game out of trying to count the amount of Chicago police cars that were destroyed. Being “on a mission from God” has never before or since been this much fun. Cool suits, good jokes, great music and quite possibly the most absurd car chase ever filmed…what’s not to love?!

Film of the Day


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