Film of the Day (07/02/18): Airplane 2: The Sequel


Written and Directed By Ken Finkleman

Sequels are often cash-grabs that can’t measure up to the quality of their predecessors. This one is no different, but the good news is it’s still pretty damn funny. When you have to follow something that was that big of a hit, the shoes may prove too big to fill, but the least you can do is try. My issue stemmed mostly from how many gags/jokes they went back to from the original, instead of coming up with some new stuff. The plot and cast are essentially the exact same, and while we don’t get Leslie Neilsen, we¬†do get a great cameo performance from William Shatner. It may not stand on its own two legs, but it’s still bound to garner a lot of laughs.

Film of the Day


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