Haiku Review: American Animals

Written by Bart Layton
Directed by Bart Layton

Four young men plan a heist of extremely rare books from a Kentucky university library.


Quiet Powerhouse;
With Some Great Performances;
Truly Affecting.

**Watch in Theater Immediately**
Pickup at Redbox Upon Release
Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time


This is a film that demands to be seen. Everything about it clicks and comes from a place of confidence, with everyone so sure of themselves and their place in the machinery that it practically explodes out of the screen. The direction and acting are just wonderful, the editing is crisp and fluid, the score amplifies everything very well (especially once the heist kicks off), and the use of the real people in the story, be it slight visual tricks and fourth wall bending or outright documentary footage intercut throughout, combined for a film that flat out demands to be seen. It truly comes off unique, which serves its central theme beautifully. I don’t want to say too much, but I fear I’m saying too little. This is a film about doing anything to avoid being ordinary, including the impossible. Sometimes in life, the journey is more important than the destination. And this journey is unforgettable. 


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