Haiku Review: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Directed by Morgan Neville


A look at the life of Fred Rogers, his ability to connect with children, and the effect his program had on American culture.


A Revered Figure;
With a Message of Kindness;
That’s Missing Today.

Watch in Theater Immediately
Pickup at Redbox Upon Release
**Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable**
Don’t Waste Your Time


Everything about this movie is downright pleasant, starting, obviously, with its central figure. Fred Rogers was the same person on and off screen, embodying the spirit of kindness and understanding that he preached to his young audience. His crew loved him, and it’s great to see them recall their time together, including some funny behind the scenes pranks and jokes. He was loved and revered by children and adults alike, and became quite the public figure in his time, for a number of reasons. When the Nixon Administration threatened public television, it was Mr Rogers who saved the day. One thing I really liked was how many shots were included of him meeting the children on their level and truly engaging them. TV was still a relatively new medium, but it was already becoming more and more fast paced, treating kids like consumers and slapstick fodder. Fred saw the medium as a tool for education, to teach them about their feelings and about the world around them, and it resonated with multiple generations of Americans. All he wanted was for us to be kind to each other and protect our children. Sadly, maybe he really did live in a land of Make Believe…

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