Haiku Review: Hotel Artemis

Written by Drew Pearce
Directed by Drew Pearce


In near-future Los Angeles, an underground hospital for criminals has existed nearly three decades because it follows strict rules. But as a riot over water rights threatens the city, lines are crossed and rules are broken.


A Fairly Flat Script;
With Some Stylish Direction;
And A Unique Cast.

Watch in Theater Immediately
Pickup at Redbox Upon Release
**Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable**
Don’t Waste Your Time


The premise is cool, but apparently treads waters very similar to John Wick (which I haven’t seen). The cast is quite interesting, and they do s fine job with the material they are given, but I don’t think the intention was for Dave Bautista to shine brighter than his castmates. The script is by no means bad, but it is utterly unremarkable, with a lot of predictable moments/outcomes and a narrative with too many threads that are either just there to complicate things or are underdeveloped. Instead of leaving a mark on you, you exit the theater with an underwhelming feeling, likely to forget what you’ve seen within a week or two. It’s a clear case of style over substance, and while that style is admittedly cool, it’s not something that demands your attention. 

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