Film of the Day (06/12/18): Dallas Buyers Club


Written By Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack
Directed By Jean-Marc Vallee

A true example of perseverance and the sheer strength of will power, this is one hell of an impactful movie. While the story  has been embellished (as with most biopics), Ron Woodruff was a real person who took matters into his own hands to fight a two-front war against both AIDS and the FDA preventing him from seeking out and distributing alternative methods of fighting the disease. McConaughey is absolutely on fire here, bringing more and more life into Woodruff as it simultaneously drains out of him. Somehow, the harder he has to fight, the more his resolve strengthens, and that is portrayed wonderfully on the screen. The script, for me, wasn’t great (it felt repetitive at times), but the acting was so powerful it transcended the material with what looked like relative ease. And it wasn’t all on McConaughey, as Jared Leto shined brightly as well, as did Jennifer Garner in her role as a doctor sympathetic to their plight as patients and the need for action on the FDA’s part. I loved the way the story attacked stigmas, and allowed tolerance and friendship to come from former sources of bigotry and hatred. If you judge a book by its cover, you miss the real story and do a disservice to those who had a hand in writing it. Luckily for Ron Woodruff, he refused to take his thirty-days-left-to-live diagnosis at face value, and managed to turn a death sentence into a life story.

Film of the Day

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