Haiku Review: Book Club

Written by Bill Holderman and Erin Simms
Directed by Bill Holderman


Four life-long friends experience life changing events after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their Book Club.


Horny Old Ladies;
Funnier Than Expected;
Needs Tied Up Quicker.

Watch in Theater Immediately
Pickup at Redbox/Rent Digitally
**Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable**
Don’t Waste Your Time


Expectations are a very funny thing. You could have high or low expectations for something and it will without a doubt affect your viewing experience. With Book Club, I had very low expectations. Some of the bits of trailers I had seen didn’t make the movie look terrible, but it certainly didn’t look like anything I would want to see. Bill Holderman and Erin Mills wrote a darn funny script that gave me more than a few belly-laughs throughout. Going into the movie, I didn’t know of the specific book that “club” was going to be reading, I didn’t think that would factor into the plot. The movie is loaded with sexual innuendo and sexually explicit jokes. Hearing and seeing them come from older women made it that much funnier, which I’m sure was what they were going for. The movie was a bit too long. They could have wrapped up the film 10-15 minutes quicker than they did, and it seemed very obvious what could be cut out of that ending. I wouldn’t say this is a must-see and I wouldn’t say that it’s a movie that deserves paying for, but if it’s on cable, if it’s on Netflix…check it out, you probably won’t be disappointed, as long as you manage your expectations.

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