Haiku Review: Gringo

Written by Anthony Tambakis and Matthew Stone
Directed by Nash Edgerton


Harold Soyinka, a rep for a pharmaceutical company run by crooked colleagues he believes to be friends, is sent to Mexico to clean up some of the company’s dealings ahead of a big company merger. They have been selling marijuana pills to the cartels, and must cut them off before the deal goes through. But when kidnapping, mercenaries and drug mules get involved, things go awry.


A Fairly Weak Script;
That Its Cast Couldn’t Salvage;
Underwhelming Fare.


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**Stream/Watch on Cable**
Don’t Waste Your Time


 Wasn’t this supposed to be a comedy? At least, of some sort? I mean sure, it has some funny spots, but not nearly enough to earn the dark comedy tag. Come to think of it, most of the drama produced by the script is either flimsy, unrealized or predictable to boot. So I guess my issue was that it didn’t do enough of anything to really be a noteworthy experience. The cast does a fine job with what they’re given, but sometimes you just can’t elevate the script into memorable territory. It’s convoluted and yet transparent at the same time, but I don’t think that was the intent. 

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