Film of the Day (06/05/18): Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein
Written By Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder
Directed By Mel Brooks

After yesterday, I knew I had to watch this one right away, if I was to rightfully call myself a Mel Brooks fan. I was told for years that this is a classic comedy, and that’s a spot-on analysis. Gene Wilder is more than up to the task of delivering ridiculous, over-the-top nonsense in large quantities, and his raving-mad performance fits the story of a demented scientist perfectly. In some scenes, his eye pop out so far he could almost double for his co-star Marty Feldman (who did a terrific job as Igor). There is an obvious affection for the original work present in this parody (as we would later see with Spaceballs as well), but it has an insane energy all its own. The jokes and gags that are supposed to hit land hard, and the ones designed to miss are intentionally awful. Come for the homage to classic cinema…stay for the dick jokes.

Film of the Day


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