Film of the Day (05/28/18): Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Written By Christopher McQuarrie
Directed By Christopher McQuarrie

I’m not sure what else to say about this that I didn’t say about Ghost Protocol the other day. These films are just flat out entertaining as all hell. You could accuse it of being standard Hollywood popcorn fare, but for that to be true you have to concede that this franchise excels at this model.

It has everything you expect from the spy action genre, with car chases, well-choreographed fight sequences, and slick gadgetry. And, being an M:I film, it also features Tom Cruise nearly dying a whole bunch of times for our entertainment. The guy is the most admirable level of crazy I may have ever seen.

I knew about the hanging onto a plane while it took off shot from the trailer, but didn’t know it was the opening scene in the movie. What a way to plant you in your seat with a smile on your face! If you’re the type to show up fashionably late because you figure trailers take forever and missed this scene…man, you done messed up.

Oh yeah and that breathless in every sense of the word underwater scene? Apparently one take went as long as six minutes with Cruise under the water. In the words of newcomer Alec Baldwin (in a different role)…Good God, Lemon!

This is an all around good time, and yet another one I wish I had seen in the theater. I’m really looking forward to Fallout!

Film of the Day


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