Haiku Review (Streaming Edition): The Carter Effect

The Carter Effect
Directed by Sean Menard


My Favorite Doc.;
Half Man/Fully Amazing;
Will Never Forget.


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Whether you are a fan of basketball or not, whether you are a fan of Vince Carter or not, whether you have ever been to Toronto or not…this film is for you. There is no way he knew it at the time, or anyone knew it at the time, but Vince Carter changed the landscape of an entire city; of an entire country, even. He made being a basketball fan “cool”, when all you should have cared about was hockey. He gave an outlet to many people that would not have had it otherwise. Surely, if it was not him, it would have eventually been someone else… but would it have? Would anyone else have done the things for and in the city that he did? Would anyone else have had the same charisma as him? Would anyone else bring the excitement of that magnitude to the city? Would anyone else have even stayed in Toronto as long as he did? This is a great documentary that not only focuses on the man himself, but on the city that he calls home. Just like there will never be another Michael Jordan, there will never be another Vince Carter.

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