Film of the Day (05/09/18): Super Dark Times

Super Dark Times
Written By Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski
Directed By Kevin Phillips


I mean, with that title I shouldn’t be surprised but still…….whoa.

This is one hell of a teenage thriller that goes places I didn’t expect and had a climax that made me gasp and grab my mouth more than once. Much more impressive, however, is how the film looks and the attention to detail that Phillips presents, all while being his debut feature. This is very impressive work for a first timer, with some extremely impressive performances from his young cast.

The script is also quite good. What could have been an easy, forgettable “traumatic event triggers horrible consequences” thriller is much more here. It calls back to a recent time where kids still rode bikes and had face to face interactions, but instead of settling for the nostalgia of a bygone era, the writers seem to be ruminating on what we’ve lost. They present the pains of growing up against a serene backdrop, and throw a major, blood-soaked wrench into the plans. No matter how far you are separated from your teen years, you can likely remember the fear, anger and confusion. Adding shock and grief to that mix can create a lethal cocktail, as if certainly does here.

I would have to think on it a bit more, but this may be fairly high up the list of 2017 films that left a real, tangible mark on me. I highly recommend checking it out.

Currently available on Netflix.

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