Film of the Day (04/30/18): I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore
Written By Macon Blair
Directed By Macon Blair

Violence. Surprises. Hilarity.

It’s almost like Macon Blair studied at the School of Coen.

The story here is very simple. Ruth, a nurse’s assistant, has her house burglarized, and it doesn’t sit well. She’s sick of people being such assholes to each other. Where has all the common decency gone? Why is society filled with the kind of people who will let their dogs shit in your yard without cleaning it up, steal  your grandmother’s silverware and curse at different races of people on TV just before they die of old age? Just what the hell is wrong with people?!

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Blood Simple. I can also see that. Given the awkward dialogue and strong female lead, it also feels a bit like Fargo-meets-Death Wish. It’s an accidental revenge saga. Ruth can’t get the cops to care about her missing stuff, so she enlists her eccentric neighbor Tony to help her do what the police won’t (or don’t want to, because they have their own shit going on and frankly you’re an inconvenience).

It’s really that simple. Until it isn’t.

Oddball humor gives way to brutal violence at the drop of a hat, which will likely garner some great reactions from the audience. This was a ton of fun, a breeze to watch, and put Macon Blair on my list of filmmakers to watch in the future. Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood do a fantastic job making their roles memorable and relatable. I highly recommend this one!

And remember, everyone. Be nice. Or pay the price…

Available on Netflix

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