Haiku Review (Streaming Edition): 6 Balloons

6 Balloons
Written By Marja-Lewis Ryan
Directed By Marja Lewis Ryan


Parenting Nightmare;
Addiction…How it Affects;
A quick, yet hard watch.


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There was a unique style to 6 Balloons that I appreciated. I also enjoyed the acting from leads Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) and Dave Franco (James Franco’s Brother). Hats off to Marja-Lewis Ryan and her job on this film. But with that said…

This was a tough watch. I don’t tend to gravitate towards movies like this…they have always made me overly uncomfortable. I thought the characters choices were piss poor throughout the entire film. I thought the voice over of a self-help guide was extremely too spot-on, and felt sort of ham-fisted.

If you like movies that deal with addiction, I think this one will be something that you will love. It shows what it’s like when someone is continually dragging you down. It shows the trickle down effect of an addict’s actions while relapsing.

If you dislike movies about addiction or become too frustrated with characters making poor decisions, this movie is not at all for you.

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