Film of the Day (04/15/18): Escape from Tomorrow

 Escape From Tomorrow
Written By Randy Moore
Directed by Randy Moore

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie that you read a lot about and really wanted to like, only to find that you like the idea more than the final product? That was my experience with Escape from Tomorrow, the no budget indie that made waves at Sundance in 2013.
See, the filmmakers managed to shoot a dark, surrealistic nightmare-driven horror fantasy about Disney World. Only, they did it guerilla style, AT the park, without any permission. And the fact that they accomplished it is, make no mistake, a monumental achievement. But that, in addition to a phenomenal poster, is where my enjoyment ended for this one.
Jim is a middle aged family man who is informed via phone call that he’s been fired on the last day of his family vacation. He gathers his wife and two kids for a final day of fun, but what ensues is one giant bad acid trip of paranoia, hallucinations and sexual perversions. By the time you get to the end of the ride, all you want to do is go home.
That said, the film does present a fierce take on our collective obsession with fairy tales, symbol worship and hiding behind fantasy to escape reality (to and extreme degree in this picture). But it falls woefully short of its incredible premise. Interestingly, though, just as I said I liked the idea more than the final product, so too does Jim, in regards to his own life. By the time the climax hits, that’s become painfully obvious.
It’s worth seeing based on ambitiousness alone, but I think this would turn off most moviegoers.

Film of the Day

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    • Yeah, I agree. Great concept and admirable execution, but once it was cut together it just didn’t hold up. And the atrocious acting certainly didn’t help matters.


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